Streetlife Serenade

There will always be room for the Angry Young Man

Charles Gunn
((This is a character journal for use in LJ roleplaying games. Gunn is played by dark_wesley.))

Los Angeles, around 1975. Charles Gunn is born and grows up in the toughest neighborhoods of L.A. with his parents and sister Alonna. What would stereotypically referred to as a "troubled youth", Gunn was involved in a fair bit of trouble. Sometime around 1987, Gunn learns that there is a greater threat to his life on the streets than gangs and police-- vampires. He slays his first vampire at the age of 12.

In the next several years, Gunn continues to protect the low-income neighborhoods against vampires and other demonic threats, both alone and with a rag-tag group of fellow youths under his command. He follows a "by any means necessary" philosophy, protecting the humans in his neighborhood, even from themselves. At 17, Gunn strikes a deal with a man named Jenoff, to whom a cynical Gunn sells his soul for a truck.

In 2000, Gunn and his crew run into the vampire with a soul, Angel. After helping Angel on a handful of cases, Gunn joins the fold of Angel Investigations. Not long after, he embarks on a relationship with Winifred Burkle. Despite becoming a more mature man and a warm and caring part of the AI family, Gunn's street-honed attitude and toughness are unchanging.

Gunn is...
...being bad and trying to do good at Nowhere Land _nowhereland_

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